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Believe to speak of kelp liquid, everybody should won’t feel unfamiliar, like to see the person of Han drama especially, should common in TV, people dispute often likes Korea have kelp boiling water. Actually kelp soup is welcomed so by everybody, because the flavour of kelp soup is delicious,be not just, because be in kelp,still contain a lot ofrich nutrient element. And can feed material to also have a lot of with what kelp collocation boils boiling water together, the article below introduces a few to boil boiling water together with kelp collocation for everybody feed capable person.

 Kelp is OK Bao what soup

Kelp is OK Bao what soup

One, soup of kelp bean curd

Feed capable person: Kelp, boreal bean curd, pig steaky pork, ginger, sweet green, gallinaceous essence, big sauce, cooking wine


1, kelp uses moment of clear leach bubble, clean thoroughly clean next, cut thick silk.

2, section of pig steaky pork, bean curd cuts diamonds, ginger section, green cuts end, reserve.

3, the heat inside boiler is oily, 6 when becoming heat, put cutlet and Jiang Pian, use medium baking temperature to fry steaky pork stir-fry before stewing to two sides slightly become yellow to be able to have pot.

4, use the oil that remains in bowl next, put bean curd, all sides stir-fry before stewing is fried become golden look.

5, soup-stock of the infuse inside past boiler, put kelp, sliced meat, transfer into essence of big sauce, chicken. After big baked wheaten cake leaves, in changing, small fire stews 20 minutes, before having pot, scatter on chopped green onion is become namely.

 Kelp is OK Bao what soup

2, soup of hoof of pig of soya bean kelp

Material: Pig hoof two, kelp right amount, soya bean 200 grams, rice wine juice ginger of 100 grams, bubble together, shallot a small, anise, Chinese prickly ash a small, cassia bark a paragraph, sweet leaf two, salt right amount, ginger together


1, prepare raw material. Pig hoof behead piece, kelp and soya bean shift to an earlier date bubble hair is good, the kelp that has sent bubble cuts ginger of flake; ginger, bubble to be cut piece, green Chinese onion cuts paragraphs small.

2, full amount water is added in boiler, put pig hoof, Chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark, sweet leaf, ginger, green Chinese onion, after be being boiled, boil again 10 come reserve pig hoof fish out after minute.

3, pig hoof turns into pressure Bao in, join bubble ginger, shallot knot is joined, add right amount boiled water, join soya bean and kelp, add rice wine juice.

4, move Bao boiling water, right amount salt is joined after the program ends, scatter on chopped green onion can.

2, beef of turnip kelp Bao

MaterialNew love Shanghai is the same as a cityLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
To touching forum

Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city
Makings: Bovine tendon flesh 100 grams, Bailuo predicts 400 grams, carrot 100 grams, water sends kelp 50 grams, chopped green onion 15 grams, Jiang Pian 5 grams, refined salt 4 small spoon, gourmet powder 2 small spoonShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

Forum of Shanghai night net
, cooking wine 2 greatly spoon


1, wash carrot, Bai Luobo respectivelyLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
Clean, flay, cut hob piece.

2, water delivers the of great capacityForum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Take tendon of abluent; ox the flesh is abluent, cut chunk, the scald in putting boiling water bowl again boils 3 minutes, fish out is strong clean.

3, arenaceous boiler get angry, join right amount clear water to burn boil, issue beef, carrot first piece, medium baking temperature of Bailuo Bo Kuai, kelp is stewed boil two hours.

4, rejoin refined salt, gourmet powder, cooking wine boils divide evenly tasty, can give boiler to install a bowl.

 Kelp is OK Bao what soup

3, kelp warms duck boiling water

Material: Duck flesh 250 grams, silk of water hair kelp 50 grams, green paragraph, Jiang Pian, salt, pepper each are right amount


1, duck flesh is abluent, behead becomes small, sea of hair of water of scald water; is lacy and abluent.

2, oil falls to burn heat in boiler, put onion paragraph, Jiang Pian stir-fry before stewing is sweet, put duck flesh and kelp silk to break up again fry.

3, add right amount clear water, boil to duck flesh ripe sodden, flavor with salt and pepper can.

4, kelp turnip stews chop

Feed capable person: Ginger of green of costal region platoon, kelp, white turnip, pepper, salt, yellow rice or millet wine


1, foam of blood of purify of water of the scald after bath of haemorrhage of bubble of costal region platoon is clean.

2, put chop arenaceous bowl, enter cold water, conflagration leaves after adding Jiang Kuai of yellow rice or millet wine, green. Shang Kaihou casts aside net surplus foam.

3, join bubble to send abluent kelp small fire to stew mature to chop.

4, cut Bai Luobo hob piece, in adding boiling water, continue to stew Bai Luobo squashy can, pepper, salt is added to flavor before involving fire.

5, soup of sirlon of kelp lotus lotus root

Material: Sirlon lotus root of 400 grams, lotus piece 100 gramsLove Shanghai is the same as a city

Fall in love with the sea
, kelp writtens guarantee 80 grams, Jiang Pian 10 grams, cooking wine 1 big spoon, salt 1 Xiao spoon


1, sirlon is abluent, stripping and slicing, into boiling water quick-boil presses purify blood water, fish out is abluent, drop works, reserve; kelp knot is abluent mucus.

2, will sirlon piece is put into arenaceous boiler, enter boil of right amount water, join cooking wine, convert small fire add boils 1 hour.

3, lotus lotus root piece, Jiang Pian is put into boiler with till the flesh is soft,sirlon piece stews 40 minutes together sodden.

4, put kelp to written guarantee stew boils about 10 minutes, add salt to flavor finally can.

Above is about kelp can Bao what soup, the relevant introduction of the knowledge to this respect. Kelp is OK soup of bean curd of make it kelp, soup of hoof of pig of soya bean kelp, beef of turnip kelp Bao, kelp warms duck boiling water, kelp turnip stews chop, soup of sirlon of kelp lotus lotus root is waited a moment, these are very nourishing food, and the way is simpler also.

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