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Because yangtao is a very easy and addle fruit, so yangtao picker people in picked yangtao when, pluck it when it is completely mature to often can be done not have in yangtao come down, of such yangtao save time talent will be higher. Need customer at that time redemptive yangtao, after coming home edible of ability of repass accelerate the ripening. But save not easily as a result of ripe yangtao, what be because this saves the method of ripe yangtao,?

How is ripe yangtao saved

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Picked need notices yangtao at 2 o’clock:

1, picked period. When yangtao stops to grow, its starch content reachs peak value, begin to turn solubility into candy, this is picked optimal time. Inchoate results and inadequacy of content of cent of amylaceous nurturance waiting for battalion can affect fruity gust and taste. Picked too evening party influence is the following store time. Is the optimal and picked standard of yangtao: ? Fan benzyl complains?.5 % of Ji of curium of silk ribbon Wo, hardness is as high as 5.4 Kg / Cm2.

2, avoid mechanical harm. Although yangtao is very difficult picked, but the skin is right leave nick very easily even damage. After damage, fructification meets those who quicken ethylene release, this means it to be able to shift to an earlier date bate and decay. Accordingly, in pluck and carrying a process, should adopt safeguard to be harmed in order to shun machine.

How is ripe yangtao saved

Below normal circumstance, if do not undertake lasting handling, the yangtao of timely results can decay in the molten inside day of 5 – 10. Accordingly, to come true current and lengthen goods shelves period, picked yangtao needs to undertake lasting handling instantly. Of yangtao last the method includes chemical method (CaCl, ClO 2, 1 –Love Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The) such as MCP. ) with physical method (microtherm, can accuse the) such as atmosphere. ) . Current, the most commonly used in production is microtherm stores and air conditioning is saved.

A, low temperature stores. Below microtherm, fruity breathes rate to be restrained, the active with enzymatic ethylene is reduced, deferred ageing career thereby. Should store up temperature is 0 ℃ , when humidity is 90 % , the goods shelves of yangtao period can amount to 3 – 5 month. What should notice is, new picked fruit falls to should not store more than 10 hours in normal temperature1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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. Should accelerate classification, the fruit that take out is damaged, next beforehand cold store in order to have, ensure thereby longer expiration period.

How is ripe yangtao saved

Air of B, air lasts. The fruit breathes ceaselessly in ageing process, this needs the oxygen of certain amount. Accordingly, if can control a fruit to store up the oxygen content in the environment, fruity respiration intensity can be reduced, defer consenescence thereby. Enraging tone to last is to use some of this one principle and some equipment generalNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Aerobic concentration control is in 2 % , carbon dioxide concentration control is in 5 % , combine microtherm next, yangtao can save 6 – 8 month. What should notice is, exceed 1A falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The carbon dioxide chroma of 0 % can damage a fruit.

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