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Most person has heard of bird’s nest, this is a kind of very rare precious feeds capable person rarely, basically grow at semi-tropical area, the secretion such as the saliva that by swallow the place when incubate stays is formed. Differ however the swallow of breed, its excretive bird’s nest also is having distinct effect, the price also distinguishs somewhat, before choosing bird’s nest accordingly, the level that should know bird’s nest above all differentiates, ability chooses piece bestForum of Shanghai night net

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bird’s nest.

How is the level of bird's nest divided

Bird’s nest can divide according to appearance like for the following grade: Swallow small cup, swallow, swallowFall in love with the sea

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Cake of horn, swallow, swallow breaks

Swallow small cup: The bird’s nest of eliminate miscellaneous wool, retain small cup account, it is the most marvellous grade. Head of the size of body of whole small cup of basis of swallow small cup and bird’s nest raw material, small cup size, hair, mouthfeel still can divide into different grade.

The source of ginseng because category of its bird’s nest is numerous, with 6S, 5S, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai
6A, 5A will distinguish. S explains bird’s nest character has been jumped over more more, s is close friends relatively than A character a few.

Small cup of 6S/5S bibcock day is the bird’s nest of highest grade, to exceed clean wool raw material, the appearance when small cup basic reservation is picked, especially big small cup, what nutrient material also withholds is more complete, small cup big Ju Chenglong tooth bird’s nest is little, content with rare for expensive, suit the crowd edible; with give sb a present and high quality pursuit

How is the level of bird's nest dividedA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Small cup of 6A dragon tooth is actorForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Small cup of qualitative big swallow, need not carry wool basically, clean degree tall, the value is secondary, suit for private use and; of give sb a present

Small cup of 5A crescent moon is main bird’s nest of the small cup in be, suit to take the person of bird’s nest and client of for private use for the first time.

Trigonometry small cup one edition is the corner in the wall or turning forms, because difference is compared for small cup of small cup opposite boat, Forum of Shanghai noble baby

Shanghai noble baby
Contrast material benefit with the price, gram of simple small cup is controlled in 3-6g again, suit client of for private use.

Swallow: A lot of complete swallow small cup are crushed in choosing the wool, course that pack or carries, became swallow. The swallow of the source of ginseng blame market is common strip swallow (Yan Si) , however wide model swallow, see original shape of swallow small cup dimly, work degree dye-in-the-wood, work to be pressed basically brittle, fiber is close together, clean degree tall, hair head is good, colloid and rich. But because won’t do small cup, the price is lower than swallow small cup still.

Yan Jiao: It is esculent swift uses fixed bird’s nest the part of two end, be bird’s nest ” bearing bridge ” , when small cup of worker nap swallow, horn of edge of swallow small cup irregular partial clip comes down, submit horny form. Yan Jiao is esculent swift incubate partly when most the part that builds first, salivary concentration is high, hard and thick, not easy bubble is sent, so bubble hair time can compare swallow small cup or swallow longer.

Swallow cake: Raw material is the Mao Yan with particularly much impurity (nest) , the course carries wool and machine to clean artificially, become Yansi and swallow to break, reoccupy model squelchs and become. Chemical agent is added to clean likely in the process that make, use edible glue bond.

How is the level of bird's nest divided

Swallow is broken: It is swallow small cup what be formed by crunch in pluck or carrying a process is petty broken end, each sections are broken come down have, the mouthfeel that breaks because of this swallow is poorer.

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