” forever no longer ” V2.3 version joins official Chinese newlier

” forever no longer ” leading role is a little girl that has asthma, her brother was missing, in the house of this hollowness, seemed to conceal a lot of evil. You must pass the house that solves enigma and enigma alone, where to go to in order to locate your brother. ” forever no longer ” the game that is an OK and thorough popular feeling, let a person hard dismiss from one’s mind. Replace list: Diarial is improved. Clew and control make it more friendly. Animation of setting of editing and rearrangement already redo. They are faulty still:阿拉爱上海同城

Lack smoothness and sound, but have film feeling more absolutely. We added those who change certain key to accuse function. Who does not like clavier layout of the standard, you yourself can change it. This function can develop further. We redesigned this locality already completely to change a system. We added Chinese and French! Chinese translates a group to wrote us to add a clew to shine high by Source Chinesizing. Game is medium now ” shrink put ” mode is for beauty not just, open for you however previously aeriform in game detail, this will help you find secret pl上海同城对对碰交友社区

ace. We were revised a few chromatic implement, be like the stonewalling in burrow, the hair of Sa sand is waited a moment. We also did chemical industry of a lot of actor to make. Rate of game to load is very rapid now, through reclaiming lamplight and whole stereo become aware the effect, FPS level gets rising. Finally,上海夜网论坛

we added grass on the street. A bagatelle, but very good, more picturize. New 3840×1080 resolution and FOV are in新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

stalled. This is monitor of contemporary curve wide screen is possessory. Finally, I discovered a dreariness related to the tire of Doll Golem is wrong. He was stayed in by card, because if the player throws doll,enter wall, the end does not move in his area, he cannot achieve a goal, so he begins carriage. . . . . . We must move except the mechanism with abstracted Golem temporarily except cannot amount to a gender as a 上海千花社区

result of its and came true ” swing an 上海贵族宝贝

eye ” . These basically just are updated. Our rehabilitate much small error added a few content. This is not final result, before two chapters can have more to update. Without you this game is nonexistent. Thank you and us to be together. Make the history when a story. Again also not.

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