” Ares 4 ” director: We do not do open world game to cross Yo green jade and Rockstar

2018 ” Ares 4 ” it is Shengmonika the high-quality goods with atelier old burnish, also be the work of the renascence after undertaking reflection 上海千花社区

afresh to whole set. While the quality that this making got industry inside and outside affirms consistently, also be the same as year end ” wild big armed escort 2 ” the laurel that contends for large award of TGA year game together. Although ” Ares 4 ” in each respects can says outstanding, the director that joins game nevertheless also is opening world game to design pair of competitor Rockstar He Yobi to express to do obeisance to take. ” Ares 4 ” director Cory Barlog expresses when accepting GamesBeat上海夜网论坛

to interview, he thinks he cannot green jade with Yo and the open world game such as Rockstar competes. The large project of these two companies used thousands of developer. We are used all the time ” wide linear ” will describe it (point to Ares 4) . “I am certain do n阿拉爱上海同城

ot do give open world game. The expectation level of the cost that enters this one field and u上海千花网交友

ser is true too tall, we affirm short of. We do not have relevant infrastructure and system. I do not think so do (point to make open world game) . Yes, I reckon they have (show Rockstar) is close to 4000 people. We have summit summit period 300 people. I think Yo green jade is in at that time ” assassin credo ” in had 1600 development personnel is already much enougher. Want to accomplish these, want to accomplish the complexity of open world, you need a lot of people only. To us, d上海贵族宝贝交流区

o not want to invest in this respect not only, and to me, the world needs to feel bigger, not empty still, and there should be surprising thing when exploration. Although ” Ares 4 ” the open world game that is not a real significance to go up, the work before comparing series nevertheless has had taller freedom to spend, cory Barlog also mentioned the importance that open world designs in interview, still take out even ” Saierda is fabulous: The breath of moor ” citing. The atelier below Suo Ni banner in last few years work has begun to be changed to open world, although holy Mo Ni blocks atelier to fail to be in ” Ares 4 ” in the open world with proper implementation, had tried 上海千花网交友

somewhat nevertheless. Develop in Guerrilla ” horizontal: Zero dawn ” also proved to the person of the same trade open world game does not need to develop personnel in great quantities, one of trends that perhaps this will be henceforth. But nowadays, open world game remains Rockstar He Yobi most be good at.

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