” R of nocturnal travel detective ” newest publicize a gent element to let player cannot help doing sth

The time El Dia that still does not have half month is subordinate AVG game ” R(EVE Burst Error R) of nocturnal travel detective ” be about to transplant to be mixed to PC PSV two big platform, though be an old game, but gent people scarcely can be missed. The newest conduct propaganda that the government brought this making for us now piece, and this paragraph of video basically showed the developmental side that makes newly, ask the intention to experience.

” R of nocturnal travel detective ” the new CG that increases straight scale of Tian Dao of the person that design of original work part, original painting takes on, original painting of edition of old CG use SS tries the number magnifies and new chromatically, simplify to operate and join clew function, reduce difficulty, the picture that adds setting of action of talking mouth department, gut shakes with AE animation, aggrandizement show effect.

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