[lie on one’s back carry the leg has what profit] – of effect of _ benefit _

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Chapter introduction

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Say what compare popularity as a kind to exercise means, lie on one’s back carry the leg had gotten increasing person love, carry through lying on one’s back leg, can promote liver detoxify, stable blood pressure, carry gas blood expedite, prevent joint to degrade, conduce Morpheus, fall hematic fat, firm blood sugar. Carry to lying on one’s back below the advantage of the leg has detailed introduction.

Lie on one's back carry the leg has what profit

1, stimulative liver detoxify

Carrying high when the foot, blood will be rapid regurgitate liver, kidney, give new detoxify, platoon poison.

Carry high the metabolism when the foot increases, the following meeting has the waist to react acerbitily extremely strongly, add poison for untangle instant, human body hypophysis can secrete hormone oneself, arouse potential, strengthen a poison.

2, stabilize blood pressure

Carry high breath trains because of the pubic region when the foot, the foul smell that can reduce lung burden thorax from but successful eduction, those who solve breadth of mind is depressed, breadth of mind is optimistic enrage heavy the pubic region, help heart returns to normal function, psychological pressing is reduced greatly, blood pressure is stabilized subsequently.

Lie on one's back carry the leg has what profit

3, gas blood expedite

Carrying high the god when the foot faults (navel) reach the gate of vitality to be the same as luck, get through holds the post of superintend and director to enrage hematic free not to have block all right, mao Xi1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Aperture is outspread, add skin breath and metabolization effect.

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4, prevent joint degrades

Carrying high when the foot, vertebral maintain a level, systemic muscle is full of flexibility, gas blood is smooth, each joint is met oneself proliferous marrow, nerve of vertebral both sides restores to conduct action usually, he Lai joint degrades, or long spur, where is oppressive nerval ailment?

Lie on one's back carry the leg has what profit

5, conduce Morpheus

Do a leg to rely on wall type up, loosen for the sake of the deepness of the body. Deserve to go up the slow, breath that has the law, can stimulate more loosen and digestive nerve. Be stranded by insomniaA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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The friend of faze, such restless moment is OK a little while doing, can help fall asleep.

6, fall hematic fat, firm blood sugar

Carrying when the foot because of perspiration, from but eduction of toxin of the acidity inside body, bloodForum of Shanghai night net

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Adipose nature burns. As a result of lienal advocate limb, carry also moved when the foot lienal, blood sugar is OK and so stable, improve lienal function, disposition nature of the person is kind.

In addition, such carrying the foot still can alleviate the oedema of ham and double foot, insist for a long time to have the effect that reduce weight.

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