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37 weeks when if be to discover oneself abdomen hardens,do not want too nervous, this notShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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What can explain him abdomen is medium is fetal get any harm and unusual reaction, have one part pregnant woman people it is certain to was pregnant can discover to there is change above the skin after period, can become than before more a few coarser, this moment is to may cause abdomen to send strong condition, specific nevertheless still should do a pregnant check to judge.

 Hair of 37 weeks of abdomen is good

1. abdomen greatens

Be pregnant the 3rd month when, abdomen expanded apparently, but before not was pregnant certainly, also be likely have tumor because of abdomen or weight rises quicklyA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Cause, and make abdomen greatens. Must make right now so examine further, just can have certainly without be pregnant.

2. can feel fetal appearance

This also is a kind of reliable pregnancy one of symptoms, it is to be in normally the 4th or left and right sides of the 5th month, yi Ke feels quickening. But be sure to keep in mind to want to take care to fasten an abdominal tumour to regard as fetal appearance, still need to ask a doctor to make next more correct judgement again.

3.Cervix molten, the uterus becomes pellet entity

This must is informed by the examine inside the doctor, on occasion the uterus can have the systole that does not have painful sex, go with the hand abdomen of lay a finger on, can the induction arrives change.

The test that 4. is pregnant

If period is already slow,two weeks of above did not come, can make inspection of uric fluid HCG, the time that wants 5 minutes only, OK check fish is pregnant. But accuracy also is not 100 percent limit to be pregnant inside the uterus, contain hormone of human nap sexual gland because of the meeting in the uric fluid besides the person that become pregnant (HCG) besides, other for example uterusShanghai noble baby

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Outside pregnant, hydatidiform mole, chorion cancer, when doing this test, also can produce positive and negative to answer, so examination of the HCG in uric fluid also can have as doctor judge only without pregnant reference.

5. can see fetal outline through supersonic wave

Be pregnant 6 weeks of positions that can be pregnant certainly and fetal heartbeat, be pregnant 12 weeks can exceed sound wave in order to use later, observe each fetal structure.

 Hair of 37 weeks of abdomen is good

6. hears fetal palpitant voice

Be pregnant 12 weeks can be heard clearly with detector of fetal embryo heart, the 18th when going to 20 weeks, can hear fetal palpitant voice with canister of fetal heart sounds, minutely it is 120~160 about second.

7. feels fetal activity

Be pregnant the 5th month when, can feel fetal in the activity inside the uterus, namely alleged quickening.

8. liver and gallbladder

Gestation liver change is not much, did not see increase, hematic flow did not see increase, although size of liver cell shape is changed somewhat, but do not have the opposite sex. Liver function experiment changes; cholesterol, alkalescent phosphoric acid somewhat enzymatic, total bravery increases character. Ratio of white, albumin, globulin reduces plasma.

9.Endocrine change

The leaf before hypophysis increases

The leaf before hypophysis increases 1 – 2 times, hypertrophy of grow in quantity of acerbity cell of be addicted to becomes so called gravid cell, the hypophysis that increases sometimes can oppress optic nerve across and send two Nie side to slant blind. Postpartum narrow along with hypophysis and restore at left and right sides of day of postpartum 1 0. If produce when or flooding sex shock, the hypophysis that can make hyperplasia corpulent is short of blood necrotic, bring about Xi Hanshi to be asked for integratedly.

Excretive of the leaf before gestation hypophysis secrete breast element (PRL) , hurried is thyroid element (TSH) , adrenocorticotro (ACTH) and black cell stimulate element (MSH) grow in quantity. Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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PRL at pregnant 7 weeksLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Increase begins since, cost of the PRL in serum can rise by the 10mg/ml when be not pregnant for the 200mg/ml when mature is gravid, PRL has the effect of stimulative breast development, prepare for postpartum lactation.

 Hair of 37 weeks of abdomen is good

Lactation person in postpartum 8 0 – 1 0 0 day or longer when inside the level when falling to be not pregnancy. Not lactation person in postpartum 3 fall to be not pregnancy level inside week. The exudation of TSH and ACTH increases but change without the symptom. The exudation of MSH grow in quantity, make the place skin such as white line of the cheek, tit, abdomen, vulva has pigment ad cool-headed. Grow hormone (the exudation of G H) does not have a change, hormone of hurried sexual gland (the exudation of FSH, LH) decreases, reason gestation is ovarian medium follicular send Yo maturity no longer, also do not have oviposit. And place of the leaf after hypophysis arises expedite child delivery element and pressurization element do not have a change.

Gravid when hyperfunction of function of sweat gland, sebaceous glands, pubic skin knits alar peace conference to to fold place can have inflammation and cause erosion, often cure not easilyFall in love with the sea

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, need to be in postpartum ability subsidise.

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