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Peppery food still had better not eat between, this is can right oneself gastric ministry causes very big stimulation, should not want to eat the food of this respect more when oneself produce dysmenorrhoea symptom especially, still should want with be being given priority to delicately, the condition that just can allow him dysmenorrhoea so takes a favourable turn somewhat, and also cannot eat quite too too salty food, this is to be able to let this appear oedema and headachy symptom.

 Can eat during official holiday hot

1, composition: Black bone chicken 1, angelica, the root of remembranous milk vetch, tuckahoe each 10 grams.

Usage: chicken abluent go splanchnic, put medicine close with seam inside chicken, put boil inside arenaceous boiler know sth thoroughly, castration broken bits, add dressing, feed the flesh to drink boiling water, cent 2-3 second take, before menstruation, everyday 1 agent, take 3-5 dose repeatedly.

Action: Be good at lienal raise a heart, beneficial enrages the; that raise blood to apply to menstrual lead, classics quantity is overmuch, spirit is tired, palpitation be discouraged, insomnia.

2, composition: Yam 250 grams, medlar 120 grams, cervine glue 60 grams, walnut flesh 240 grams, rock candy 70 grams.

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Law: Cervine glue is fried fragile grind end, other evaporate of slow fire of 4 gout drug is ripe to extremely sodden, join cervine glue pink to be pounded in all to cream. Daily 3, every time 30 grams.

Action: Filling kidney regulate the menstrual function, because the menstruation of kidney empty be caused by is not had,apply to woman adolescence fixed, classics quantity is little, lubricious weak An, pledge clear. Or the waist carries ache on the back, giddy tinnitus.

 Can eat during official holiday hot

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5 big no-no food

No-no 1: Eat salty feed: The woman comes in menstruation diet is written down sincerely before tide salty feed. Because salty feed can make the salinity inside body and moisture lay aside estimate increase, come in menstruation before tide, progestational hormone grow in quantity, appear easily oedema, have a headache wait for a phenomenonLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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. Menstruation will before tide 10 days begin to eat low salt food, won’t appear afore-mentioned symptoms.

No-no 2: Drink the beverage that contain gas: Many jubilation that drink contain the female of gas beverage, can appear in menses tired and faint with the phenomenon with depressed spirit, this is the expression that iron lacks character. Because the beverage such as soda water contains phosphate mostly, produce chemical reaction character with the iron inside body, make iron is absorbed hard character. In addition, because key link and gastric juice counteract the bicarbonate in soda water,much water soda water is met, reduce the digestive ability of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice and antiseptic effect, and affect appetite.

No-no 3: Eat excitant food: Menstruation comes thorn also does not eat before tideShanghai noble baby

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Stimulate sexual food and chili and so on, eat oil of fat, animal and sweet food even less.

 Can eat during official holiday hot

No-no 4: Eat food of hot raw or cold food: The food of hot raw or cold food is stimulating, cause pelvic cavity easily vasomotor and cause classics blood quantity to balk too less even. Additional, the excitant material such as smoke wine also can have certain effect to menstruation, if avoid these undesirable stimulation carelessly, if things go on like this, can produce dysmenorrhoea or menstruation is disorder.

No-no 5: Eat deepfry fat food.

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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