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There are a lot of men now not quite the sanitation that notices oneself, always feel oneself are the man is in need not pay close attention to too too at ordinary times, because the structure of organ of department of gynaecology of unlike female is so complex, it is OK to should rush casually when bathe only, but the cleanness of genital can be not let off, a lot of troubles can be caused if cleanness does not reach the designated position, there is white secretion above glans above all, want to consider the likelihood has these problems.

Go up later have white secretion


Pee drop comes on in vain the age withForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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30 years old come 60 years old highest. Hair ill reason is overworked excessive, excessive drinking, into fast adipose food, cold the reason such as calorific, catch cold catch cold. Experience proves, the country is very busy and seasonal (overworked) , Spring Festival around (greasily eat) recrudesce is more. Medicine thinks in with lienal kidney 2 dirty have affinity.

Lienal the source that is biochemistry, kidney is the place that hides essence of life. Lienal empty carries change have no right, kidney seals Tibet to lose a surname fortunately, and essence of life is tiny next discharge, clear chaotic is not divided, next classics are cystic, 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Pass water is muddy, the pathogeny with so white drop has lienal in relief cave in, gas is not worth in, chip in of damp and hot, kidney shade deficient empty. Because cause of disease of pee drop white hair is prostatitis cause, drop if galactic appearance is prostate fluid,go out, must cure of as soon as possible, because prostate fluid outflow will cause sexual function,drop obstacle. Does pee drip how to be treated in vain? Use big medicines of a hot or warm nature to give priority to medical Hui Yangdan, external use assemble glans, make efficacy of a drug passes chelonianShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The head is conducted alvine, after alvine heat, drop of remedial pass water is white short-term get effective. Of course, cure prostatitis ability to eliminate above symptom at all only, cooperate prostate of medicine of profess to convinced to come loose to be able to be achieved with capsule of prostate of medicine made of two or more ingredients cure at all.

Go up later have white secretion

Produce a mechanism

“Phenomenon of drop white ” calls ” of fluid of ” prostate excessive on medicine. The prostate of grown man secretes prostate fluid ceaselessly, outside can adopting the means eduction system such as masturbation, sexual life or seminal emission, airframe also can draw one share. Suffer frequent sexual excitement or inflammation stimulation when prostate fluid, bring about prostate fluid to secrete a quantity to increase apparently, lack again however when excreting a method (the) such as the sexual life that is like the rule, airframe is absorbed cannot increase accordingly again. Below this kind of circumstance, wait in micturition or defecate after increasing an abdomen to press, because prostate is flowingSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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The passivity of flesh is contractive, cause prostate fluid to spill over. As a result of the happening that the penis between male midnight erects, make prostate fluid secretes a quantity to increase, appear more easily in the morning so phenomenon of ” drop white ” .

Go up later have white secretion

The mechanism that by ” drop white ” produces can see, phenomenon of alone ” drop white ” does not represent serious pathological change, ifShanghai Long Feng forum

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The patient is done not have apparent unwell, need not make special treatment. Can do the adjustment of respect of a few lives, if the sexual life; of proper, rule avoids water1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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; of wine, hot food avoids the undesirable habits and customs such as hold back make water can.

If the patient has apparently unwell symptom, the classification that presses prostatitis makes relevant examination and treatment can.

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